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Looking back on 2013

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During the last year I lived in three cities across two continents. I went from documenting Aboriginal culture on west coast of Canada to walking on frozen lakes under the Aurora in Canada’s Great White North to moving all the way back home to the Emerald Isle. I shot over 25,000 photos in 2013 and am so thankful to have a record of the year it’s been. Looking forward to another year of exploration and creativity.



South of the Arctic

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Images from a weekend at Reid Lake, outside of Yellowknife, NWT.


Follow the Rockies

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I recently went on a road trip from Vancouver to Golden in British Columbia (about 700km each way). A beautiful drive with the Rockies leading the way. Here are a few pics with many more to follow:


CRedmond_Golden-1 CRedmond_Golden-2 CRedmond_Golden-3 CRedmond_Golden-4 CRedmond_Golden-5 CRedmond_Golden-6 CRedmond_Golden-7 CRedmond_Golden-8 CRedmond_Golden-9 CRedmond_Golden-10 CRedmond_Golden-11 CRedmond_Golden-12 CRedmond_Golden-13

Wrapping up

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I’ve spent the last month or so working with the Vancouver Aboriginal Friendship Centre in documenting the elders in their Elders Program. It has been an honour to meet and photograph them and I am so grateful for the enthusiasm I’ve recieved for the project I’m working on. I thought I’d share my favourite image from my final shoot there today: Chief William standing in my DIY studio/office.

Chief. 2013.

A Vancouver Valentine

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I spent this Valentines Day in the wonderful company of many of the Elders at the Vancouver Aboriginal Friendship Centre. It was day one of a portrait series I’m shooting. Although I want to keep most of the images on the down-low until the project is launched, I couldn’t help myself from sharing this one below; a lovely Aboriginal couple who had some fantastic stories to share. Seemed fitting for Valentines Day after all.


Panoramic Colorado

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A busy Summer has lead to a busy Autumn and I’ve found myself shooting more than I ever have before with far less time to work on edits and posting. I’m hoping to catch up soon.

I recently returned from a hiking trip in Leadville, Colorado where I hiked to summit of Mount Sherman with one of my dearest friends and we  enjoyed the spectacular view of the surrounding snow-capped mountains. The following day we cycled the Mineral Belt trail. Beautiful views all around. More photos from this adventure will be posted in the coming weeks!

Models behind the scenes

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Some candid photographs of models preparing for an Indian fashion designer’s show. Shot March 31, 2012 in Surrey, BC.