how to… photo transfer

I felt really honoured to have my work included in the Sooke Fine Art Show this year. 375 pieces were selected from approximately 1250 (if I remember correctly). The journey there was beautiful and then the show itself really surprised me. In the middle of the wilderness pretty much is an amazing art show, carefully put together and bustling with viewers. Not only was I lucky enough to have my work included but  I also was given the opportunity to give an artist’s demonstration on my practice (see my space below).

My practice is photography, but specifically photographic transfers with acrylic gel. This is what I demonstrated at the show. And at the request of some viewers please find step by step instructions here.

1.) Print photograph ( I usually do inkjet prints on a glossy inkjet photo paper).

2.) Generously apply a thick layer (at least 1/8th inch thick) of acrylic gel (matte or glossy) on your photograph. I suggest using a palette knife to apply.

3.) Allow to dry naturally (may take a few days). DO NOT USE A HAIRDRYER.

4.) Place photograph (now with a dry layer of acrylic gel on it) in a sink/basin of cold water. Allow to soak for at least two hours.

5.) Peel the paper from the back of photograph.

6.) When the majority of paper has been removed by peeling you can gently scrape or rub the rest off with your finger. This may take some time. How much or little paper you leave is your decision.

7.) When the photograph is dry it can be adhered to a surface of your choice. I usually adhere it to wooden panels using gel to glue the image down and a hardware style super glue to glue the edges. If using wood – I recommend sealing it first (I use Golden’s Gac 700).

8.) Voila – transfer complete. Please see this link  for photographs of the process.


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