Fionn Regan – Vicar Street 13 March 2010

Modest. Understated. Intriguing. Just few words to describe Fionn Regan. One word I try to avoid at all times – singer song writer. This word, thrown about as it is, is loaded with connotations of the dull kind. Fionn Regan is not another south-side guitar-wielding-mammy’s boy (anybody remember the Thrills?).

No. He’s not singing because he likes the sound of his own voice, he want’s to get famous or because he want’s to score (although with pants that tight I’m sure he’s not short of offers).

His recent gig, in Vicar Street (below) treated listeners to the tastes of his new album ‘Shadow of an Empire’. Delicous. The fast-paced, full sounding album sees more muscians to the stage and less of the folksy musings. The album is very different to his debut but the differnce is a welcome exciting change.

Little conversation from the man himself, but what else would you expect? The major disappointment of the night laid not with the music but with the followers. Why pay for a gig you don’t want to listen to? I relocated four times during his performance to escape the hysterical cackling of numerous groups of girls, loud and dull conversations drowning out the music and a girl clearly so off her face the finger picking must’ve resembled the sounds of 90’s dance judging by her moves. Despite the poor quality fans and the set backs of poor sound and a complete sound cut for at least one minute of his final encore, all in all, another captivating performance by Fionn Regan.


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